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Community Cancer Care Report

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Statewide report showing clinic-level quality measures linked to cost in cancer care within the state of Washington. This report includes data for cancer patients covered by Washington state’s largest public and commercial insurance providers.
The results presented in this report draw from a patient-level database that links enrollment and claims records from commercial and public health insurance plans with clinical information from Washington state cancer registries, including approximately 70 percent of the cancer patients who received care in Washington state over a 2 year timeperiod. The report displays quality measures and associated costs across the spectrum of cancer care. The quality measures include recommended treatment immediately following diagnosis, emergency department and inpatient hospital admissions during treatment, appropriate use of surveillance testing for patients who have been treated with curative intent, and care for patients in the last 30 days of life. Report available in PDF format only.

Owner: Hutchinson Institute for Cancer Outcomes Research (non-profit organization)

HICOR Community Cancer Care Report

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