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State legislation related to healthcare public reporting

  • 36-125.05. Uniform patient reporting system: Requires the department implement a uniform patient reporting system for hospital inpatient and emergency department services. The department will require hospitals and emergency departments to report inpatient and outpatient service statistical data designed to promote cost containment.
  • 36-125.06. Comparative report; brochure: Requires the publishing of a semiannual comparative report of patient charges utilizing the statistical data submitted pursuant to section 36-125.05 (subsections B through E). Also requires the publishing of a brochure semiannually at the same time as the comparative report is published. The brochure to contain a simple and concise comparison among hospitals and emergency departments in the same geographic region of average charges per confinement for the most common diagnoses and procedures for inpatient and emergency department services.

All-Payer Claims Database (APCD)

  • APCD Legislation: No current activity