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Dashboard of Health System Quality

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The Dashboard of Health Systems shows at a glance how individual district health boards (DHBs) are performing in a variety of areas including quality and patient experience.  The data represents the performance of hospitals grouped at DHB level.  An interactive chart allows users to view the data and ‘drill down’ into the data to access the various information that the Commission publishes about DHBs at a glance, including how their performance changes over time. The tool is not a way to rank DHBs from ‘good’ to ‘bad’ as the different measures reported cannot be combined to give a meaningful “overall score”. Instead, the dashboard is designed to highlight patterns. It is divided by domains of quality, such as safety, effectiveness and equity, and related measures are co-located within that.  Comparison of performance between DHBs is available. Data at hospital-level is not available.

Owner: Health Quality & Safety Commission New Zealand (Government agency)

Dashboard of Health System Quality