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NJR Surgeon & Hospital Profile

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NJR’s Surgeon and Hospital Profile allows patients, their friends, family and carers to view surgeon specific data and make comparisons between hospitals in their local area. Information available includes:

  • Consultant surgeons who carry out hip, knee, ankle, elbow and shoulder joint replacement surgery for the NHS in England
  • Hospitals where those joint replacement operations are carried out.

For each consultant surgeon listed, information is available about their practice including how many hip, knee, ankle, elbow or shoulder procedures they have carried out since 2015.

For hip and knee consultant surgeons, there is also information about mortality in the first 90-days after surgery and all of the results analysed were within the expected range. For hip surgeons only, there is information about the use of ODEP-rated implants as a proportion of total practice.

Owner: National Joint Registery (Government agency)

NJR Surgeon and Hospital Profile for England, Wales and Northern Ireland