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DDI Provider Ranking System Expands to Include Hospital Rankings by Services

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Denniston Data Inc. (DDI) expanded its Provider Ranking Systemâ„¢ (PRS) to include hospitals, showing where each hospital ranks for every service they provide, both nationally and locally. PRS has detailed ranking data on over one million providers per year for nine years, along with their hospital affiliations. Now, PRS shows all affiliated doctors within each hospital by specialty, listing their individual grades, overall grades by specialty, as well as average grade for all doctors affiliated with the hospital.

Provider Ranking Systemâ„¢ (PRS) was created to help lower healthcare costs through improved outcomes by ranking providers for each of their services, thereby making it easy to identify and evaluate high-performing physicians. High-quality medical evidence shows that a physician’s experience, measured by the number of times that physician has performed each service, is the most significant predictor of outcome, whether it be the benefits of a successful result or the risks of an adverse effect.

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