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Release of Ontario’s Patient Ombudsman’ 2021/22 Annual Report

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From Ontario, in its latest annual report – Patient Ombudsman’s 2021/22 Annual Report – the Patient Ombudsman shares complaints data from 2021/22, and reflects on the ways in which the COVID-19 pandemic continues to strain Ontario’s health care system.

The pandemic continues to be an important factor in the complaints Patient Ombudsman receives. While quality of care continued to be the top complaint for both long-term care homes and public hospitals, Patient Ombudsman noted a 43% increase in the number of patients and caregivers who reported that they were treated with a lack of sensitivity, caring, courtesy or respect at hospitals, particularly in emergency departments.

In addition to looking at complaints data, the report shares patient stories that touch on issues of growing concern, including increased number of negative interactions with hospital security; discharging vulnerable patients from hospital to long-term care; and the stresses to the health care system seen in our emergency rooms. The report also provides an update on two issues examined in previous reports: concerns related to sexual assault and lost property.

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