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No Future Public Reporting of Emergency PCI Deaths at Physician-Level, Continues for Hospital-Level in NYS

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Recently announced policy changes in New York State will result in the exclusion of mortality outcomes of emergency PCI cases on future physician-level reports in New York State. The outcomes of emergency PCI will still be included on the hospital-level reports.

TCTMD, which is produced by the Cardiovascular Research Foundation (CRF), reports on a letter dated December 28, 2022 from the New York State health department that said data collection would remain the same but beginning with the 2018-2021 outcomes report set to be published at the end of 2023, physician-level results would no longer include these high-risk cases, defined as patients with acute MI or cardiac arrest in the 24 hours leading up to PCI or those in nonrefractory cardiogenic shock at the time of the procedure. Public reports in New York already exclude cases involving refractory cardiogenic shock or pre-PCI anoxic brain injury (since 2006 and 2010, respectively).

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