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NQF Updates Roadmap Designed to Amplify Patient Voice in Digital Healthcare Quality Measures

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The National Quality Forum (NQF) has released an updated Technical Guidance Report to support measure developers in creating patient-reported outcome performance measures (PRO-PMs), which are critical to elevating the patient voice in assessments of healthcare quality. PRO-PMs use feedback gathered directly from patients to evaluate health outcomes and the quality of care provided by hospitals, health plans, and clinicians. The measures quantify changes over time in how patients are feeling and functioning, and thus, give essential information about health outcomes and a basis for developing evidence-based care.

The updated report comes as part of NQF’s Building a Roadmap From Patient-Reported Outcome Measures to Patient-Reported Outcome Performance Measures initiative, funded by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). Known as “the Roadmap,” the report is designed to serve as both a resource for measure developers and a catalyst for building a more robust database of digital PRO-PMs that will ultimately elevate patient voices and prioritize outcomes that matter most to patients.

The guide takes developers through four stages of the PRO-PM development process, from conceptualization through implementation. The stages – Definition of Measurement Goals, Exploration and Assessment of PROMs, Development and Testing of the PRO-PM, and Finalization and Implementation – are further broken down into 17 distinct tasks detailed in the Roadmap.

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