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Tenth PX Pulse Report: Consumer Perspectives on Patient Experience in the U.S.

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The Beryl Institute and Ipsos released findings from the tenth PX Pulse, a survey to track current perspectives on patient experience in healthcare across the United States. To better understand the consumer experience, this report trends data first collected pre-pandemic in December 2019 through the summer of 2022.

Key findings include:

  • Two in three patients (68%) say trust in healthcare has declined in the last two years. The top
    reason patients feel trust has eroded is borne from the feeling that the “healthcare system acts
    out of self-interest rather than mine as a patient”.
  • Patients feels that getting care in a timely manner (50%), listening to and treating people with
    respect (44%), and providing transparency in pricing (40%) are the top three ways to rebuild trust
    in healthcare.
  • Relatedly, patients perceived experience with their healthcare falls to an all-time low. Though, still
    a majority (64%) of patients rate their experience as good.
  • With rising prices, cost in healthcare continues to be important for U.S. consumers. Out-of-pocket
    costs (41%), affordable insurance options (39%) and the cost of premiums (36%) are the most
    important healthcare issues patients report.

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