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Kyruus Release 2022 Patient Access Journey Report

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Kyruus released findings from its sixth annual survey of 1,000 healthcare consumers which examines preferences for searching for, selecting, and accessing care. The findings from the 2022 Patient Access Journey Report confirm that patients are consumers first, with new data revealing sophisticated shopping behaviors, such as consulting multiple online resources to find care, and comparing cost, quality, and convenience information before selecting a provider. The report also shows that the concept of a “digital front door” is evolving to include a variety of entry points, from healthcare organization websites to mobile apps to Google.

When it comes to finding care, consumers continue to rely on digital channels for information about new providers—61% research online, and of those, nearly 80% reported consulting two or more online resources. Healthcare organizations’ websites remain the most used online resource, closely followed by general internet searches (e.g., Google), and health plan websites. Additionally, consumers increasingly prefer to take action through digital channels: 40% prefer to book appointments online, and more than 90% demonstrate strong interest in digital self-service options for pre-appointment tasks (e.g., check-in, payment, and insurance verification).

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