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New Study Shows Consumer Concern for Rising Healthcare Costs This Open Enrollment Season

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On the cusp of open enrollment season, consumers are concerned about the high costs impacting their access to healthcare, increasing medical debt and the lack of mental health coverage, according to results from a new nationwide survey by Gravie and Wakefield Research.

The survey, conducted in August of this year, polled 1,000 consumers across the United States on their outlook of the current state of health benefits. The data reveals that a staggering 86% of consumers are concerned that their health benefits will not cover a portion or all of their exams, treatments, or procedures for this year. Additionally, 71% of consumers stated that their health plan does not cover mental health, and two-thirds of consumers are concerned that their current mental health coverage does not address the needs of themselves and their families.

Payment for services was another concern, with 91% of consumers stating they have experienced an obstacle related to payment for healthcare services. These challenges impact the ability to access care in a timely manner, and 42% of consumers have faced increased stress or said they were unable to enjoy life due to delayed medical treatments.

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