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FAIR Health Consumer Website Includes New Tool for Older Adults to Price Check Medical Procedures in Advance

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With funding in part from The John A. Hartford Foundation, FAIR Health has launched a new section for older adults on their consumer website, The new section includes tools to use to plan for the costs of care and make better healthcare choices.

The Older Adult section includes five new shared decision-making tools. Shared decision making is a discussion between clinicians and patients and/or their family caregivers and care partners. The goal is to decide on treatment options that include patients’ values and preferences.

FAIR Health offers decision aids (with clinical and cost information) for use in shared decision making. These decision aids help older patients and their caregivers/care partners talk with providers about the trade-offs involved in each clinical choice. This can help with choosing the option that lines up with their priorities and values. The new tools combine clinical and cost information associated with different treatment options for early-stage breast cancer, hip osteoarthritis, hip replacement, spinal stenosis and fast-growing prostate cancer.

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