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Survey Finds Americans Willing to Pay More for Quality of Care

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A new survey found Americans are willing to pay for quality of care over other factors, and a negative financial experience can negate outstanding quality of care. The survey by AKASA and conducted on its behalf by YouGov, highlights factors that influence how much Americans are willing to pay when choosing their healthcare providers and how far they’re willing to travel for quality care at a reasonable price.

Respondents were asked: “When you seek out healthcare, are you willing to pay more or less for any of the following factors?” The survey of more than 2000 Americans ranked factors that impact their healthcare provider choice with regards to costs, with quality of care being the top influencing factor:

  • Quality of care (57%)
  • Ability to work with care team of choice (47%)
  • Ability to work with hospitals of choice (41%)
  • Location proximity or convenience (41%)
  • Ability to get an appointment quickly (40%)

The YouGov survey, commissioned by AKASA, fielded responses from 2,026 Americans between March 9–14, 2022.

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