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FAIR Health Launches Actionable Tools with Healthcare Cost Information for Older Adults and Family Caregivers

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FAIR Health launched five new shared decision-making tools, three new FH® Total Treatment Cost tools, educational content and resources related to the care of older adults. This initiative aims to advance shared decision making among older patients, especially those with serious illnesses, as well as their caregivers and care partners, by providing them with the information and resources needed to make informed healthcare decisions and better navigate the healthcare system.

The new tools combine clinical and cost information associated with different treatment options for early-stage breast cancer, hip osteoarthritis, hip replacement, spinal stenosis and fast-growing prostate cancer. FAIR Health also launched “total treatment cost” scenarios highlighting the range of costs associated with three conditions particularly relevant to an older population: Alzheimer’s disease/dementia, heart failure and major depression.

FAIR Health will disseminate the tools to older patients, family caregivers, care partners and providers in four major urban centers—New York City, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Chicago—and their environs. Providers can access the tools here on FAIR Health’s provider-centered website, An evaluation of the utility and value of the tools will follow in the wake of this launch.

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