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Cal Hospital Compare Announces Honor Roll Hospitals

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Cal Hospital Compare in partnership with California Health and Human Services officially recognized hospitals across California for their high performance in maternity care, opioid stewardship, and patient safety announcing the recipients of the 2021 Opioid Care Honor Roll, 2022 Patient Safety Honor Roll, and 2022 Maternity Care Honor Roll.

Cal Hospital Compare produces three hospital honor rolls to accelerate hospital progress, recognize and celebrate hospital performance, and to support patients and families in choosing hospitals that best fit their healthcare needs.

  1. Opioid Care Honor Roll supports the continued efforts of California hospitals addressing the opioid epidemic and accelerate hospital progress to reduce opioid related deaths
  2. Patient Safety Honor Roll offers Californians a rigorously evaluated list of hospitals that have consistently demonstrated a strong culture of safety across multiple departments
  3. Maternity Care Honor Roll recognizes hospitals hitting a statewide target of low-risk C-sections

The 2022 Honors Rolls acknowledge the following:

  • 108 hospitals met performance standards in maternity care.
  • 76 hospitals met performance standards in opioid stewardship.
  • 86 hospitals met performance standards in patient safety.
  • 9 hospital met performance standards for maternity care, opioid stewardship, and patient safety.

Cal Hospital Compare, a non-profit organization, provides Californians with objective hospital performance ratings. It uses an open and collaborative process to aggregate public data and establish relevant measures and scoring.

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