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OHA Report Finds Oregon Health Care Costs Rose 49% between 2013-2019

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According to a new Oregon Health Authority (OHA) report, health care costs grew 49% per person across insurance markets between 2013-2019 in Oregon, outpacing national health care cost growth during the same time period. By market, Medicare costs per person grew 58%, commercial market costs per person grew 45%, and Medicaid costs per person grew the slowest at 32%.

Rising prescription drug costs and the cost of professional services were the primary factors driving health care cost increases. Between 2013-2019, Oregon’s health care costs grew faster than income—while per person health care costs grew 49%, per person income grew 31.5% and average wages grew 21.6%.

The report shows that for people in Oregon with commercial, employer-sponsored insurance, the cost of the average annual deductible and insurance premiums combined in 2019 was 10.1% of median income.

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