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Midwest Health Initiative Release 2022 St. Louis Stats Community Scoreboard

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Midwest Health Initiative (MHI), a regional health improvement collaborative, released its latest community scorecard, based on medical claims for 750,000 commercially insured patients during the 2021 calendar year. Published annually, the scorecard summarizes measures of disease prevalence, health care utilization, and cost to aid regional leaders in identifying opportunities to improve the health of the population and track progress towards achieving collective goals.

New additions to the scorecard this year include an updated nephropathy (kidney test) measure.  An improved measure for kidney screening in adults with diabetes has been developed by the National Kidney Foundation and the National Committee for Quality Assurance. Adopted in 2020, the new measure tracks the percentage of people with diabetes that have received the current best practice in assessing kidney health: both a blood test (eGFR) and a urine test (uARC).

To underscore the importance of primary care, MHI has also added a scorecard metric reporting the number of commercially insured individuals with an established primary care relationship (overall and by age category).

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