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Missouri Moves Step Closer to Creation of APCD with Release of Health Information Blueprint for Missouri

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During the last decade, the Midwest Health Initiative (MHI) has built and sustained the largest, voluntary, commercial payer claims dataset for the state of Missouri and the surrounding metropolitan areas. Guided by leaders from the region’s largest health plans, health systems, and health care purchasers, MHI has had success in leveraging trusted information and shared accountability to solve the most pressing health care challenges, while balancing considerations for access, quality, and cost.

All Missourians could benefit if this system were to expand to include claims paid by all payers, not just the commercial sector. With this in mind, in 2020, MHI leaders and community partners expressed a shared interest in the creation of an APCD for the state of Missouri. Funded by Missouri Foundation for Health, independent consultants sought insights from over 270 Missouri constituents. The resulting Health Information Blueprint for Missouri provides a framework for stakeholder engagement, use cases, governance, funding, and technical considerations to build a valuable health information asset for the state of Missouri.

Objectives of this project included:

  1. Understand current health information organizations and assets in Missouri,
  2. Assess the appetite for the development of an APCD for the state, and
  3. Identify collaborators and champions for achieving this vision in the future.

The output of this project, the release of a report presents a Health Information Blueprint for Missouri to realize these objectives. The methodology, the framework, and the ultimate recommendations combine the needs of local Missourians with the expertise of national subject-matter experts, with the view of realizing an APCD able to serve all Missourians.

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