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Gallup, West Health Survey Finds Older Americans Sacrificing Basic Needs Due to Healthcare Costs 

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A survey of U.S. adults, conducted by West Health and Gallup, found that at least two-thirds of older Americans consider healthcare costs to be at least a minor financial burden. When looking at inability to pay for care, four in 10 report they are concerned; smaller but notable percentages are not seeking treatment, are skipping prescribed medicine or cutting back on basic needs such as food and utilities to pay for healthcare. These problems are generally worse for adults aged 50 to 64, as most do not yet qualify for Medicare, but they also affect those 65 and older. More than a third of adults 65 and older (37%) are concerned they will not be able to pay for needed healthcare services in the next year.

The West Health-Gallup survey was conducted in September and October of 2021.

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