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State of Reform: Surprise Medical Billing Litigation Stalls in Texas as Feds Await New Final Rule

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State of Reform reports on the stalling of surprise medical billing litigation as feds await new final rule. The Biden administration stated last month that it would appeal a district court’s ruling on dispute resolution for surprise medical billing in Texas.

But last week, the court granted a request from the administration to “hold” the appeal in order to await federal agencies’ issuance of the new surprise billing final rule this summer.

The Texas Medical Association and other medical groups, who have argued that the interim final rule’s arbitration process for disputes on billing unfairly favors payers over providers, say they’re “encouraged” by the hold of the appeal. Calling it “a step in the right direction,” Texas medical groups affirmed they will work with CMS and other federal actors to ensure the new final rule aligns with the No Surprises Act and the district court’s ruling.

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