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Report on Impact of Health Care Costs on People in Oregon

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The Oregon Health Authority released a detailed look at how rising medical expenses are eating up an ever-bigger part of Oregonians’ household budgets, as part of its drive to curb the pace of health care cost increases.

Using data from 2019, the new report found that annual family health care insurance premiums averaged $19,405, including the premium cost paid by the employer and by the employee. That’s nearly the average price of a compact car, at $20,972, the OHA said.

Plus, that price tag for premiums doesn’t include residents’ out-of-pocket costs such as co-pays, co-insurance and deductibles that aren’t covered by insurance, the agency noted.

The report said that rising health care costs jeopardize the financial security of families, consume some families’ savings and prompt some residents to forego needed care.

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