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Leapfrog Group Call to Action: Don’t Let CMS Suppress Data on 25,000 Deaths a Year in Hospitals

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CMS proposes to suppress data on some of the most dangerous medical and surgical complications that happen in hospitals. These dangerous complications, such as sepsis, kidney harm, deep bedsores, and lung collapse, are largely preventable yet kill 25,000 people a year and harm 94,000. The rates of harm for these medical and surgical complications are reported by hospital as part of a measure called CMS Patient Safety and Adverse Events Composite or CMS PSI 90.

Data on these complications is not available to the public from any other source. If CMS suppresses this data, all of us will be in the dark on which hospitals put us most at risk, yet we all shoulder the burden of these dangerous preventable complications. The Leapfrog Group is calling on patient safety advocates, clinicians, employers and purchasers, and other stakeholders to use their collective voice to urge CMS to reverse this devastating proposal by June 17.

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