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Fraser Institute: Annual Comparison of International Health Care Systems

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The Fraser Institute’s annual comparison of international health-care systems examines 13 indicators of utilization, typically measured through different forms of health-care system activity. The data suggest Canada’s performance is mixed, performing at higher rates than the average OECD country on less than half the indicators examined and average to lower rates on the rest.

The Fraser Institute is releasing a three part series analysis of the annual comparison: In the first they outlined how, despite being one of the most expensive universal health-care systems in the OECD, Canada performed poorly on the availability of resources. In part two of this series, they compare rates of utilization to better understand the volume of care delivered in relation to expenditures.  In part three of this series, to be released, they will explore and compare the access to medical care in Canada with other high-income countries with universal care.

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