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Colorado Legislation on Health Care Billing, Price Transparency Move Forward

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Two bills moving through the Colorado legislature propose significant reforms to billing and payment in state health care. HB 1284 would prohibit health plans from charging individuals out-of-network rates for emergency services in an effort to align state policy with the federal No Surprises Act. HB 1325 would develop parameters for alternative payment models for primary care—part of a broad initiative to implement VBC in the state’s commercial health insurance market.

State of Reform are monitoring a bill that would prohibit hospitals from collecting debt from patients for services provided while the hospital was noncompliant with federal hospital price transparency laws. While more optimistic about the bill after amendments were added, CHA remains concerned about the bill, saying it would “encourage costly litigation and incentivize patients to avoid paying their health care bills.” The original bill has been approved by both chambers and awaits House approval of Senate amendments.

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