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CIVHC Data Dive: Pediatric Care in Colorado

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CIVHC’s Community Dashboard enables analysis of the performance in critical health measures across Colorado communities. Providers, payers, consumers, and other stakeholders can examine several aspects of care including cost, use of preventative services, utilization and access to care, and more. In this data dive, CIVHC examines what the Community Dashboard reveals about pediatric care in Colorado, a crucial element of public health that is new to the most recent dashboard.

Three pediatric measures are now available to provide information on access to care for children and adolescents:

  • Well-Child Visits First 15 Months, Six or More Visits
  • Well-Child Visits 16 to 30 Months, Two or More Visits
  • Well-Care Visits for Children and Adolescents

Well-child and well-care visits (for children 12 months to 19 years old) are essential to provide care information to parents or guardians and give comprehensive care for the child, including ensuring the child is up to date on immunizations and meeting growth and development milestones.

Analysis of CO APCD data from 2013-2020 shows that there is measured improvement across all pediatric measures in the Community Dashboard.

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