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State of Reform: Colorado Bills Propose Reforms to Health Care Billing and Payment

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State of Reform reports on two health care bills that address medical billing and payment for Coloradans that passed Third Reading in the Colorado House of Representatives and now head to the Senate.

House Bills 1284 and 1325 would eliminate “surprise” health insurance billing and institute alternative payment models for primary care providers respectively.

  • HB 1284 aligns state laws to conform with the federal No Surprises Act (NSA). Under that mandate, patients are protected from receiving surprise medical bills resulting from out-of-network care for emergency services and for certain scheduled services without prior patient consent.
  • HB 1325 is part of a larger process of developing a multi-payer statewide alternative payment model (APM), with the goal of shifting health plan providers away from fee-for-service payments to value-based payments.

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