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April 2022 Home Health Data Refresh on Medicare Care Compare

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The April 2022 quarterly refresh for the Home Health Quality Reporting Program is now available on Care Compare.

The claims-based quality measures have not been updated, as CMS announced decision in January to continue with the data freeze for claims-based measures for an additional six months, to allow CMS more time to analyze the impact of the required comprehensive exclusion of Q1 and Q2 2020 claims data on risk adjustment and reporting. CMS is targeting the July 2022 refresh of Care Compare for the resumption of HH claims-based measure updates on Care Compare.

Home health quality data refresh on CMS Care Compare as follows:

Quality of patient care measures:

Managing daily activities (4 measures) – reporting data for 20Q3_21Q2

  1. How often patients got better at walking or moving around
  2. How often patients got better at getting in and out of bed
  3. How often patients got better at bathing
  4. How often a patient’s functional abilities were assessed at admission and discharge and functional goals were included in their care plan

Treating symptoms (2 measures) – reporting data for 20Q3_21Q2

  1. How often patients’ breathing improved
  2. How often patients’ wounds improved or healed after an operation

Preventing harm (6 measures) – reporting data for 20Q3_21Q2

  1. How often the home health team taught patients (or their family caregivers) about their drugs
  2. How often the home health team made sure that their patients have received a flu shot for the current flu season
  3. How often patients got better at taking their drugs correctly by mouth
  4. How often the home health team checked patients’ medications and got doctor’s orders for medication issues in a timely manner
  5. How often the home health team began their patients’ care in a timely manner
  6. How often patients experienced one or more falls with a major injury

Preventing unplanned hospital care (4 measures) – reporting data as follows:

  1. How often home health patients had to be admitted to the hospital (19Q1_19Q4)
  2. How often patients receiving home health care needed any urgent, unplanned care in the hospital emergency room – without being admitted to the hospital (19Q1_19Q4)
  3. How often patients remained at home within 31 days of being discharged from home health (18Q1_19Q4)
  4. How often patients were re-admitted to the hospital for a potentially-preventable condition after discharge from home health (17Q1_19Q4)

Payment and value of care (1 measure)

  1. How much Medicare spends on an episode of care at this agency, compared to Medicare spending across all agencies nationally (18Q1_19Q4)

Patient survey results (5 measures) reporting data for 20Q4_21Q3

  1. How often the home health team gave care in a professional way
  2. How well did the home health team communicate with patients
  3. Did the home health team discuss medicines, pain, and home safety with patients
  4. How do patients rate the overall care from the home health agency
  5. Would patients recommend the home health agency to friends and family .

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