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Addition of Lown Institute Data on Civic, Care Leadership Measures to Spotlight Business Analytics Tool

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The Massachusetts Health Data Consortium’s (MHDC) Spotlight Business Analytics facilitates custom analytics on health data including market share, patient origin, disease prevalence, cost of care, and comparative costs and outcomes for acute care hospitals.

MHDC are partnering with the Lown Institute to add civic and care leadership measures to Spotlight. Augmenting Spotlight’s market share, disease prevalence, and demographic analyses with the Institute’s equity, value, and outcomes measures will provide Spotlight subscribers with a more comprehensive, robust, and relevant view of health system performance.

MHDC’s Spotlight current data status:

Data available:

  • Massachusetts Hospital Inpatient Discharge Data FY20
  • Massachusetts Emergency Department Visit Data FY20
  • Massachusetts Observation Data FY20
  • Rhode Island Hospital Inpatient Discharge Data FY20

To be released soon:

  • Lown Institute measures

Future planned data:

  • New Hampshire Facility Discharge Data Sets (Application pending)
  • Maine Hospital Inpatient and Outpatient Data (Application pending)

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