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Research Finds Increasing Transparency in Health Care by Publicly Reporting PSIs Disaggregated by Race, Ethnicity Could Contribute to Health Equity

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Increasing transparency in health care by publicly reporting indicators of patient safety disaggregated by race and ethnicity could help build trust in health care organizations and systems and contribute to health equity, according to new research.

Researchers found current efforts to measure and improve trust in health care focus on changing patients’ attitudes rather than measuring and improving the trustworthiness of health care organizations and systems.  In Measuring the Trustworthiness of Health Care Organizations and Systems, published in Milbank Quarterly, researchers present a conceptual model to understand and explain the constructs of trust and trustworthiness in the context of health care through the application of existing theories of human behavior.

They conclude that developing and publicly reporting measures that can enable patients, particularly from historically marginalized groups, to better assess the trustworthiness of providers is necessary to promote health care equity.

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