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New Report Unveils NRC Health’s 2022 Health Predictions on Shifting Consumer Behavior

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NRC Health, a provider of in-depth customer intelligence in healthcare, released its 2022 Healthcare Consumer Trends Report. For its latest and fourth-annual industry review, NRC Health surveyed millions of healthcare consumers against the backdrop of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The report highlights consumers’ evolving preferences and behaviors related to crucial healthcare trends, and offers insight into how provider organizations can recapture patient volumes in 2022.

While consumers are returning in record numbers, and healthcare recall and telehealth usage are growing, health systems must grapple with how to best treat mental health and demonstrate an understanding of patients’ unique needs in order to build trust.

Key findings in NRC Health’s 2022 Healthcare Consumer Trends Report include:

  • Healthcare deferment has decreased and preventative care has suffered, but consumers are returning in record numbers
  • Consumer mental health is suffering
  • Telehealth is growing
  • Personalized healthcare experiences are slowly becoming the norm as consumers engage and share information with hospitals and practitioners

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