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New Features in CIHI Interactive Tool Provides Greater Price Transparency for Hospital Services in Canada

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An interactive tool developed by Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) has greatly enhanced price transparency in Canada in relation to the cost of services provided in hospitals.  The Patient Cost Estimator (PCE) provides an estimation of the average cost of various services provided in hospitals. This tool provides information nationally, by jurisdiction and by patient age group. The cost estimates represent the estimated average cost of services provided to the average typical inpatient in an acute care facility. They include the costs incurred by the hospital in providing services.

New features added to the tool include the addition of an estimated average cost for physician services provided to inpatients during their hospital stays for 6 jurisdictions. The hospital and physician estimates are provided as separate components of a total cost estimate.

CIHI’s PCE provides the following:

  • Estimated hospital costs per Case Mix Group (CMG), by jurisdiction and age group
  • Estimated average physician costs incurred during a hospital stay per CMG and age group for 6 jurisdictions (Nova Scotia, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia)
  • Average length of stay by CMG, by jurisdiction and age group
  • Volumes (typical cases) by CMG, by jurisdiction and age group
  • Various summary reports

The PCE includes only typical patients who have undergone the expected course of treatment.
Variations across jurisdiction, including differences in care delivery models and labour rates, will limit the comparability of the PCE’s results, so caution is advised when interpreting the results.

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