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FAIR Health Survey Findings Reveal Insights into Needs of Older Adults Concerning Healthcare Navigation, Decision Making

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To better understand the perspectives and needs of older adults – those aged 65 and older – and family caregivers / care partners when making healthcare decisions and navigating the healthcare system, FAIR Health, a national independent nonprofit organization, commissioned ENGINE Insights to conduct a study comprising two national surveys that assessed perspectives of older adults and family caregivers / care partners on healthcare decision making (including shared decision making), the impact of healthcare cost on healthcare decisions, and challenges in navigating the healthcare system.

Key findings included the following:

  • One in four older adults reported that they never know the cost of healthcare services before getting a bill.
  • Though a significant proportion of older adults consider healthcare costs to be an important factor when making healthcare decisions, more than a third have difficulty getting such cost information.
  • Among older adults, encountering difficulties in obtaining cost information may be an obstacle to accessing needed healthcare.
  • More than one in four older adults reported putting off or skipping needed healthcare due to cost; those with lower household incomes were more likely to report forgoing needed care compared with older adults with higher household incomes.

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