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Altarum 2021 Healthcare Affordability State Policy Scorecard – Summary Report Released

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The Healthcare Value Hub released a Summary Report presenting findings and case study examples from their Healthcare Affordability State Policy Scorecard. The Scorecard provides a review of all that states have done to make healthcare more affordable for their residents during 2021, as well as actions states plan to take in 2022 and beyond.

State Scorecards and accompanying affordability policy checklistsc examine states’ performance on a broad set of actions to make healthcare more affordable.  The Scorecards show the robust policy toolset that policymakers have to address healthcare affordability problems by tackling the underlying drivers—most notably, excess prices—and ensuring that all residents can access coverage options with affordable premiums and cost-sharing provisions. Policymakers and advocates can also compare their state’s performance to that of “peer” states to brainstorm solutions most likely to gain traction in their unique policy environment.

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