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2020 Review Found 1 in 20 Hospitalised with Hip Fracture in Ireland in 2020 Died Prior to Discharge

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The Irish Hip Fracture Database (IHFD)’s review of 2020 found about one in 20 people who received hospital treatment for a hip fracture in 2020 died before being discharged, with outcomes significantly poorer among those diagnosed with Covid-19 during their stay, writes The Irish Times.

The IHFD’s review of 2020 includes data on 3,666 cases and states that 185 people hospitalised after a hip fracture died (5 per cent), the same percentage as in 2019. However, the report says 74 hip fracture patients had a Covid-19 diagnosis during the year which significantly increased the length of their stay and rate of mortality, which rose to 28 per cent among those with the disease.

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