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LAN Survey Finds 40% of U.S. Healthcare Payments Tied to APMs in 2020, MA Claims Representing Largest Amount

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Roughly 40% of U.S. healthcare payments were tied to alternative payment models (APMs) last year, with Medicare Advantage claims representing the largest amount, a new survey found, writes Fierce Healthcare.  The survey, published Wednesday by the Health Care Payment Learning & Action Network, showed that more work needs to be done as most healthcare payments were still tied to a fee-for-service model.

The report found that 38.2% of healthcare payments in 2019 and 40.9% of payments in 2020 were tied to an APM. The percentage of payments tied to value increased from 35.8% in 2018.  However, the percentage is below the network’s goal of 50% by 2018. The network surveyed 73 health plans, five Medicaid states and traditional Medicare, representing 80% of the national market.

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