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Lack of Price Transparency for Radiology Services

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Fierce Healthcare reports hospitals have been slow to publish their prices online for radiology services, with new study data now suggesting roughly two-thirds of U.S. hospitals have not published commercial negotiated prices for at least one of the 13 radiology services designated as a common shoppable service by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). Hospitals are required to publish these prices in compliance with CMS’ Hospital Price Transparency final rule.

Further, the hospitals that did share their radiology service commercial negotiated prices appear to be all over the map, often setting price tags that varied by hundreds or thousands of dollars for certain imaging services.

The analysis—published in Radiology by Michigan State University and Johns Hopkins researchers—found than a mean 2,053 out of 5,700 hospitals (36%) had reported a price for one of these services as of Sept. 6.

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