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CHIA Releases Latest Quality of Care in Commonwealth Interactive Dashboard

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The Center for Health Information and Analysis (CHIA) released the latest Quality of Care in the Commonwealth interactive dashboard, with accompanying data and technical appendix. The dashboard covers health care quality measures gathered from multiple data sources and reported both at the statewide level, and for individual Massachusetts providers.

This year’s dashboard includes information on Healthcare-Associated Infections, Medication Safety, Mortality, Maternity, Effective Care Processes, and Patient Experience at individual Massachusetts hospitals, health systems (larger entities including multiple hospitals and providers), and medical/physician groups. It is an update to the May 2019 “CHIA Focus on Provider Quality Interactive Data.”

This refresh only includes quality data through 2019. Quality measure reporting was, in many cases, put on hold while the health care system responded to the pandemic, so 2020 data was either not collected, or providers were able to submit 2019 scores to meet reporting requirements in order to avoid unfair penalties. CHIA looks forward to updating with available data from during and/or following the pandemic response in their next refresh.

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