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FAIR Health Analysis Finds National Average Charge for a Complex Hospital Stay for COVID-19 Is $317,810

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The average billed charge for a complex COVID-19 hospitalization in the United States is $317,810, according to new cost estimates from FAIR Health. The average estimated allowed amount (the total amount paid to an in-network provider, including payments from both the plan and the patient) is $98,139. This cost information can be found in the latest release of FH® Total Treatment Cost benchmarks for COVID-19. Next month, similar values at the state level will be available through a free COVID-19 cost tracker on

Launched in November 2020, FH Total Treatment Cost COVID-19 benchmarks provide cost estimates for beginning-to-end treatment pathways for COVID-19, illuminating typical total costs for diagnosis and for professional and facility services associated with treating the disease. The product includes estimates of typical costs for three different designations of severity of COVID-19 care: hospitalization with complexities (such as intensive care unit [ICU] or ventilator), general hospitalization and non-hospitalization. For each, the median and average charge amount and estimated allowed (in-network) amount are given.

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