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ANZHFR Annual Report Reveals Significant Difference in Care for Patients Across Hospitals in ANZ Region

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The Australian and New Zealand Hip Fracture Registry (ANZHFR) released its 2021 Annual Report into the recovery process after a hip fracture, revealing a significant difference in care for patients across hospitals in the ANZ region.  Approximately 20,000 hip fractures occur each year in Australia and New Zealand, with 5% of people dying in hospital because of this injury.

The report highlighted a huge difference between hospitals and their performance in relation to some aspects of care. Some hospitals are getting over 90% of patients out of bed and starting that recovery process the day after surgery whilst in other hospitals it is as low as 20-30%.

Report results show that there is work to be done to better understand why this variation exists between hospitals as getting people moving after a hip fracture is key to achieving what is important to patients – getting home and being independent.

This year, 86 hospitals contributed patient level data for the report and all 117 hospitals who were asked, provided facility level data to the report.

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