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MN Community Measurement Releases Spotlight Report Summary of Health Care Quality Measures for 2020

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MN Community Measurement released its Spotlight Report, presenting initial data on health care quality measures in Minnesota for 2020. The measures included in this report are calculated using clinical data collected by MNCM directly from medical groups and clinics from January to April 2021.

This Spotlight Report presents statewide data for 2020, with comparison to 2019 as context for understanding the disruptions experienced in 2020. Although MNCM is also publishing 2020 quality measures for individual medical groups*, they urge caution in using this data or changes in rates for specific medical groups between 2019 and 2020 to draw general conclusions about quality of care. Organizations faced different types of challenges, that are likely reflected in the data in ways that are not typical of overall quality of care. However, MNCM stakeholders strongly supported continuing to make the data publicly transparent.

Several issue briefs that accompany this Spotlight Report delve deeper into the results for individual measures, looking at changes by age, sex, race/ethnicity, geography, and other factors.

Other quality measures that MNCM routinely collects and publishes are expected to be available in late 2021. These cover important topics like cancer screenings and immunizations and are calculated from data that MNCM gathers and combines from health plans based on both claims and clinical data.

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