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New release from AIHW: Non–admitted patient care 2019-20 – Update

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Data on the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare’s (AIHW) MyHospitals national reporting platform, which allows users to explore information about their local hospital and Local Hospital Network (LHN) in  Australia, has been updated.

New data presenting information on non-admitted patient hospital activity in Australia’s public hospitals in 2019–20 has been added to the MyHospitals reporting platform. This update also contains information about non-admitted patient activity associated with providing patients with a COVID-19 vaccination as well as the diagnosis or treatment of patients with COVID-19 in the outpatient or non-admitted hospital setting.

The non-admitted patient care data collections have information about services provided to non-admitted patients in Australian public hospitals, including the types of services provided, the types of clinics in which services take place, the users of services and the funding of services. Non-admitted patients are patients who do not undergo a hospital’s formal admission process and do not occupy a hospital bed. Instead, they receive services as an outpatient. The types of care they receive include consultations with specialist medical practitioners, the provision of diagnostic or other procedures, and allied health or clinical nurse specialist services.

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