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Israeli Health Ministry Release Annual National Program for Quality Indicators Report

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The Israeli Health Ministry released the annual National Program for Quality Indicators report, which aims to evaluate and examine the quality of medicine in the country’s hospitals, also showed that although there was a decrease in the volume of activity in most of the indices it measures in 2020, compliance rates did not largely decline – and in some cases even improved.

Hospitals are ranked on a scale of one to 10, with 10 points being the highest; institutions can achieve fractions of points. All of the country’s general hospitals received scores of more than nine points.
The report also ranks geriatric centers, psychiatric facilities and mother-and-baby programs, known in Israel as Tipat Halav.

The National Program for Quality Indicators set as its primary goal to promote quality health care in the Israeli Health System, by a process of measuring the quality of care within selected core areas and publicizing the results to the general public.  This Program covers broad topics at the core of the Israeli Health System, which include Indicators for Mother & Baby Health care, Pre-Hospital care, General Hospitals, Geriatric and Mental Health care institutions.

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