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Inclusion of Health Equity, Ethical Patient Billing to Leapfrog Group Patient Safety and Clinical Quality Surveys

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The Leapfrog Group has included new questions about health equity and ethical patient billing to the 2021 Leapfrog Hospital Survey and Leapfrog ASC Survey.  In an interview with PatientEngagementHIT, president and CEO of Leapfrog Group said the issue of equity and inclusion have emerged as major national priorities.  The Leapfrog Group recognize their role and obligation to assure that, when they set standards for safety and quality, those standards apply to one hundred percent of all patients, not just those patients who may be more privileged for whatever reason, whether it’s race, ethnicity, socio-demographic status, or language.

The question of health equity has also been an important one for value-based care. Organizations can only get the best clinical outcomes and fulfill their value-based care contracts when they ensure all patients have the same opportunity to obtain and maintain health.

That means organizations have to do things to level out the playing field, like deliver community-based healthcare for patients who otherwise wouldn’t be able to access care in a traditional brick-and-mortar facility. It means conducting social determinants of health screenings and referring patients to key social services, because patients can’t achieve wellness if they are housing or food insecure. It means provider groups need to continually track where health disparities are, and understand the forces driving them.

In totality, these actions should create a safer patient experience, according to Binder.

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