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Release of 2021 County Health Rankings Data

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The University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute in conjunction with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundatioon have released the 2021 County Health Rankings.

Updated data and features for a county’s snapshot includes:

  • County Quartiles: health outcomes of counties have been grouped into quartiles within states to encourage a deeper focus on the data underlying the ranks. A county’s rank is still available.
  • New Unranked Measure: Broadband access, which is the percentage of households with a broadband internet connection, represents a digital lifeline which can profoundly impact access to education, employment, health care opportunities, and social connectedness.
  • New Ranked Measure: High school completion, which includes diploma and GED earners, replaces high school graduation as a ranked measure offering better data quality and comparability across states.

While the 2021 Rankings do not measure COVID-19 cases or deaths, the data included in the rankings are helpful in providing the context for the systemic inequities that have influenced the health of communities prior to COVID-19. These gaps in opportunity have to be addressed if to ensure a fair, inclusive and equitable recovery from the pandemic. It is anticipated that COVID-19’s impact will begin to be reflected in the 2022 County Health Rankings.

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