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North Carolina Moves Towards Greater Transparency in State Health Plan Data

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The largest health insurance provider in North Carolina would have to release restrictions on data for its biggest client, the State Health Plan for government employees, under a bill that moved forward Wednesday, writes

The change would bring a new advantage to the plan as it negotiates rates, according to State Treasurer Dale Folwell, whose office oversees the State Health Plan. Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina administers the multibillion-dollar plan. Blue Cross negotiates deals for the State Health Plan with hospitals around the state, setting discount rates for various procedures.

House Bill 169 (HB 169) moved through one committee Wednesday and on to another for more discussion. HB 169 would enable the State Health Plan to use its own data to negotiate rates, fees and charges without permission from Blue Cross.

HB169: House Bill 169 removes certain restrictions on the State Health Plan’s use or disclosure of Claim Payment Data, but provides that Claim Payment Data is exempt from the public records law and any other provision requiring information and records held by State agencies to be made public or accessible to the public. The act becomes effective January 1, 2022.

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