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Guidehouse Analysis Finds 30% of Hospitals Failing to Comply With Hospital Price Transparency Rule

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To understand how hospitals are faring in the public disclosure of hospital prices which came into effect in Jan 1 2021, Guidehouse recently analyzed compliance for more than 1,000 providers across 27 states. Based on now publicly available data from provider websites, Guidehouse scanned for each of the five standard charges to be present in at least one of the files.

Overall, the Guidehouse review found most providers were compliant with at least one of the file types, though approximately 30% of providers were not compliant for either. Hospitals that are not compliant have expressed they either have significant resource constraints (COVID-19 or otherwise), a lack of understanding of the ruling, and/or are waiting to see what their competitors are doing. Larger hospitals and health systems were most likely to be compliant and are using existing tools (i.e., MyChart) to meet the requirements via the consumer-friendly shoppable services file. For those hospitals that are compliant with the machine-readable file, there is a general lack of consistency in format and content, making it difficult for anyone (e.g., CMS, providers, payers) to scan, consolidate, and derive insights without significant data transformation and enhancements.

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Guidehouse: How Hospitals Are Faring in Meeting Price Transparency Requirements. Feb 9 2021

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