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CHIA Publishes Massachusetts Hospital Profiles for FY2019

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The Center for Health Information and Analysis (CHIA) has published the Massachusetts Hospital Profiles for FY 2019. Hospital Profiles provide descriptive and comparative information on acute and non-acute hospitals based on hospital characteristics, services, payer mix, utilization trends, cost trends, financial performance, and quality over a five-year period.

The data used for these profiles is a compilation of payer and provider-submitted data sources, including hospital audited financial statements, hospital cost reports, hospital discharge data, and relative price data. Of the 61 acute care hospitals in Massachusetts, 12 were for-profit hospitals, all of which were part of a multi-acute hospital system. There were 49 non-profit hospitals in Massachusetts, 35 of which are components of a larger multi-acute system, and 14 of which are components of an individual hospital system. Hospitals are categorized into five types—Academic Medical Centers (AMCs), teaching hospitals, community hospitals, community-High Public Payer (HPP) hospitals, and specialty hospitals. For analytical purposes, AMCs, teaching hospitals, community hospitals, and community-HPP hospitals are also considered cohorts of similar hospitals. Specialty hospitals are not considered a cohort, due to their unique patient populations and services. For FY 2019, there were six AMCs, seven teaching hospitals, 12 community hospitals, 30 community-HPP hospitals, and six specialty hospitals.

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