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A Call for Equity Metrics To Be An Essential Component Of Hospital Rankings

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Health equity metrics are essential to mainstream hospital ranking systems amid pledges by facilities to promote and practice equity, Boston hospital leaders argue in a blog post published March 19 in Health Affairs, writes Beckers Hospital Review.

The blog post cites examples of ranking systems’ efforts to look at the issue of health equity but said they are not sufficient. For U.S. News and World Report’s Best Hospitals and Best Children’s Hospitals, they looked at the issue of health equity by analyzing Medicare records to gain insights about racial disparities in surgical care access. The Bloomberg American Health Initiative and the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Equity have also partnered with IBM/Watson Health to develop health equity metrics, to potentially include in the Fortune/IBM Watson Health Top 100 Hospitals Program.

Meanwhile The Leapfrog Group introduced a new inclusions for its 2021 surveys of hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers to assess whether facilities practice ethical billing and track and address care disparities that affect patient experience and outcome. The new sets of questions will be part of surveys that open April 1, and the findings won’t be scored or publicly reported by facility this first year.

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