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Survey Finds Regional Differences in How Minnesota Adults Experience Healthcare Affordability Burdens

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A survey of more than 1,070 Minnesota adults, conducted by Altarum from Oct. 30, 2020 to Nov. 27, 2020, found that:

  • More than half (51%) experienced healthcare affordability burdens in the past year;
  • Even more are worried about affording healthcare in the future;
  • High numbers are worried about becoming ill from the coronavirus; and
  • Across party lines, they express strong support for government-led solutions.

Altarum’s Consumer Healthcare Experience State Survey (CHESS) is designed to elicit respondents’ unbiased views on a wide range of health system issues, including confidence using the health system, financial burden and views on fixes that might be needed.

The survey also revealed regional differences in how Minnesota adults experience healthcare affordability burdens.  Affordability burdens affect families in every region of Minnesota, with 57% of residents in the Southern region facing healthcare affordability burdens—the highest in the state. Additionally, a staggering 51% of Southern region adults reported skipping a recommended medical test or treatment due to cost, compared to 41% of Twin Cities Metro area residents and 49% of those who live in the Northern & Western region.  

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Data Brief No. 87: Minnesota Residents Struggle to Afford High Healthcare Costs; COVID Fears Add to Support for a Range of Government Solutions Across Party Lines. Altarum Healthcare Value Hub. January 2021.

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