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Registry Data Key to Improving Outcomes for Cardiac Surgery Patients in Victoria, Australia

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Near real time monitoring of performance and care is prompting direct and timely benefits for Victorian cardiac surgery patients.

The Australian & New Zealand Society of Cardiac & Thoracic Surgeons (ANZSCTS) Cardiac Surgery Database is a clinical quality registry. Established in Victoria in 2001, the binational program captures data from 56 participating private and public hospitals in Australia and New Zealand. The registry aims to maintain a high standard of care for cardiac surgery patients by collecting data about the treatment and outcomes of surgery and using this information to monitor hospital performance and provide feedback. The key outcomes the database focuses on include post-operative infection, stroke, post-operative renal impairment, the requirement for re-operation due to bleeding, and death within 30 days of the operation.

The Victorian Agency for Health Information (VAHI) has worked with clinical quality registries that receive Victorian funding to ensure there is an outlier policy in place. Each outlier policy outlines which measures will be tracked for outlier identification, and what thresholds will apply to trigger remedial action to improve any identified safety and quality issues.

The ANZSCTS registry provides feedback to contributing hospitals on their performance on a quarterly basis, allowing for early detection of any issues or hazards.

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